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How do you defend against a DUI charge in Pennsylvania?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is an embarrassing offense for adults to face in court. A DUI conviction can impact your personal life and your professional growth. There are also many financial expenses and social costs associated with a DUI conviction, such as the loss of your license and the possible requirement to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle when you finally get your license back.

Every day, drivers in Pennsylvania get pulled over by police officers and then arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. Not all of these people have actually committed a crime. If you face wrongful accusations of impaired driving, is it possible to defend yourself against a DUI charge in Pennsylvania?

Different circumstances allow for different defense strategies

It is possible for someone arrested for an alleged DUI offense to defend themselves against those charges in criminal court. The reason that police pulled you over, the way your interaction with them went and the results of both roadside sobriety and chemical tests will all impact what defense strategies you have.

You could potentially challenge a traffic stop without justification and get the charges against you dropped. You might also be able to challenge the chain of custody for the chemical evidence the state wants to use against you. If you can show contamination or faulty records, the state may not be able to use that evidence in your case.

Chemical breath tests may not hold up under legal scrutiny

In recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of how questionable the performance of chemical breath testing units actually is. It is possible for un-updated software, uncalibrated units or untrained officers to get inaccurate test results.

In fact, a judge right here in Pennsylvania has previously gone on record stating that chemical breath tests may not hold up to intense scrutiny in the courtroom. Other options for pushing back against impaired driving charges might include challenging the assertion that you were in control of the vehicle or even presenting medical evidence that shows an alternate explanation for your behavior or a failed chemical test.

Before you resign yourself to a conviction and its implications on your life, you might want to talk with an attorney about possible defense strategies for a Pennsylvania DUI.