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2 ways that a Pennsylvania DUI can impact your license

Driving under the influence (DUI) is dangerous both for the person who has been drinking and for anyone who crosses paths with them on the road. Pennsylvania aims to deter irresponsible driving habits by criminalizing them.

Drivers who cause crashes or who get pulled over while driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit of 0.08% or higher can expect to get arrested. The DUI charges they face will probably put them at risk of jail time and big fines, and the penalties increase along with someone’s BAC.

There are frequently penalties that affect someone’s driver’s license. There are two different ways that a DUI can impact your license in Pennsylvania, and many drivers find that they will have to endure both of these consequences after they plead guilty or get convicted of and a DUI offense.

The state will probably suspend your license

The first time someone gets arrested for a DUI, they may not lose their license. First-time offenses only carry mandatory license suspensions if the driver had a high BAC or there were other aggravating factors. A second or third DUI offense, however, will usually mean losing your license for a year.

Those whose test results show a high BAC can lose their license for a year for a first offense and for 18 months if they have two or more previous DUI offenses on record. Even when drivers get their licenses back, it is likely that Pennsylvania will restrict their driving privileges.

Getting back on the road may require adding an IID to your vehicle

Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) are essentially personal breath test units installed directly in a vehicle. They record the results of every test performed and will not let someone start the vehicle if they fail the chemical test.

Those convicted of repeat DUI offenses in Pennsylvania and those with a high blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the first DUI offense may have to install an IID in their vehicle as part of their sentence for the offense. There will be restrictions on their licenses that prohibit them from driving a vehicle without an IID installed.

Learning about the driving consequences of a DUI charge in Pennsylvania can help you decide what response you should have to these upcoming charges.