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Moving? It’s time to look at a child custody modification

When you got a divorce from your ex-spouse, you both lived in the same area and worked close together. You shared time with your child around 50-50, and shared custody worked well for you.

Now, you’ve been offered an excellent opportunity. Your employer wants to send you to another state for several years and to support you with further education in your field. You’ll be attending an excellent program and receive a stipend, so you won’t have to work as much as you do now. The schools in the area are very good, and your child would also have opportunities that they wouldn’t have at home.

If moving is in your child’s best interests, then now is the right time to talk to the other parent about a custody modification.

Can you move with your child after divorce?

It is sometimes appropriate to move with your child after divorce, but it will depend on the circumstances. For example, if you talk to the other parent and explain that your child will have better educational opportunities and that your home will be safer or nearer to experiences they want to have, then your ex-spouse may agree that the move is in your child’s best interests and work with you to adjust to a new custody schedule.

On the other hand, if the other parent doesn’t feel that this is a good opportunity for your child or that it would uproot them from a place where they’re happy, then they might argue against the move.

If you and your ex cannot agree on a new custody arrangement, then you could end up going to court to ask for a modification. It is reasonable to take this case to court if you intend to take your child and have good reasons for doing so. However, if you and your ex-spouse can agree, you’ll find that it’s easier to get the modification and to ask the court for approval.

This is a major decision that will change your child’s relationships, so it’s something that you will need to think about carefully before you move forward.