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Our Approach To Family Law

When a conflict related to family law arises, you need experienced representation to meet your exact needs. The attorneys of Junker Shotto LLC are here to help you resolve your legal matter in a way that saves you time and money — without sacrificing your rights as a spouse or parent.

Divorce, Custody And More

We practice a broad range of family law matters, including:

Saving You Time And Money — And Getting Results

We value our clients’ time and budgets. Here is how we help you save on both.

  • Time. We always seek the most effective solutions to your family law. This usually starts with a conciliation conference, however, we are always prepared to go to trial. Our lawyers, Leonard Junker and Michael A. Shotto Jr., are known as aggressive courtroom litigators.
  • Money. At Junker Shotto LLC, we charge our clients only for the legal services they want and for the issues currently before them – nothing more. Many family law issues involve separate hearings but stem from the same set of underlying incident or circumstances. For example, if you are dealing with a Protection from Abuse Petition and Order, you may also have concurrent filings for divorce, child custody, and/or criminal matters. You can retain our services for any of these issues individually or collectively; this keeps our retainers low and, along with our reasonable fees, will help make your legal costs predictable and in line with your budget.

When it is necessary to hire a family law attorney, hire one with the requisite experience and dedication to represent you forcefully and ethically and do what is right for your family. Contact us for a free telephone consultation.

Learn More About What Makes Us Different

Call Junker Shotto LLC at our Kingston, Pennsylvania, office at 570-283-2775. You can also reach us via our online intake form.