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Aggressive Child Custody Legal Counsellors

Children need structure, support and love in their lives to thrive. Every day, our attorneys at Junker Shotto LLC work hard to reach child custody arrangements for our clients’ kids. With more than 35 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to making sure your children’s living arrangements are fully in their best interests.

As a parent, you have an important role in determining your children’s living arrangements. We help you enforce those rights with a direct and aggressive approach to child custody. From our office in Kingston, we help family law clients throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

Doing What Is Best For Your Family

Your best chance of getting a child custody order that respects your parental rights and guarantees your children’s safety and emotional well-being is to retain an experienced family law attorney. Our firm focuses much of our practice on child custody. We have more than 35 years of combined experience guiding parents through this process. Whether you are going through a divorce or simply need a legally enforceable custody order, we can help.

Child Custody Procedures In Pennsylvania

Although every county has a different procedure, the first step in a custody dispute is generally a conciliation conference if you and your child’s co-parent are not living together. This is a relatively informal meeting in which a lawyer called the “master” or “hearing officer” leads you and your co-parent through an attempt to negotiate a settlement. If the conciliation conference does not lead to an agreement, depending on what issues remain, the next step is either a master’s hearing, in which the master hears testimony and issues a ruling, or to a hearing with the family court judge. There are 16 factors the judge must consider when rendering a decision, so a custody trial can be quite complex.

We have spent decades representing parents at each stage of the process. Our attorneys have rightfully earned a reputation for using the law to assertively pursue a fair, secure and sustainable custody plan. Most of all, we do everything possible to make sure you will still be your children’s parent now and for years to come.

Advocates For You — And Your Children

Contact us at 570-283-2775 to for a free telephone or virtual consultation regarding your child custody case. We also have an online intake form for your convenience. We use a unique unbundled method of payment to save our clients on legal fees.