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Factors Pennsylvania Courts Consider When Determining Child Custody

Child custody is an often-argued issue between parents. Whether you are facing child custody matters as part of a divorce or are unmarried and dealing with the other parent of your child, it is essential to know what you are facing. There are many things considered when a custody order is established, and an experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and options.

At Junker Shotto LLC, we are dedicated advocates for all of our family law clients. From our Kingston office, we leverage over 35 years of combined experience when helping our clients address child custody matters. We understand the toll these cases can take on your family, and strive to minimize any additional stress while pursuing a resolution that suits your needs and the best interests of the child.

The 16 Child Custody Factors

Below is a general list of the factors that a judge considers when being presented with a child custody case in Pennsylvania.

  1. Which parent would be more likely to facilitate and support continued contact between the child and the other parent?
  2. Any abuse that was committed by a parent or member of that parent’s household that puts the child in harm’s way.
  3. The parent who conducts duties on behalf of the child.
  4. The priority of maintaining the child’s family connections, community life and education, with consistency and balance.
  5. The availability and accessibility of the child’s extended family.
  6. The relationship of the child to their brothers and sisters.
  7. The wishes of the child, based upon their age, maturity and ability to critically consider the situation.
  8. Any situation where a parent has attempted to alienate the child from the other parent (unless possibly warranted due to the child’s safety).
  9. The parent who is more reliably going to provide for the child’s emotional growth and needs through the cultivation of a stable, loving relationship.
  10. The parent who will be more likely to daily address and care for the needs (educational, emotional, physical, etc.) of the child.
  11. The distance between the homes of each parent.
  12. Each parent’s schedule, rendering them available to care for the child or child care arrangements, and the ability of each party to make arrangements.
  13. The level of contention between the parents, and the capacity of each parent to move past the conflict and cooperate with each other.
  14. The parent’s history of alcohol or drug abuse or that of someone in the parent’s household.
  15. The parent’s mental and physical health or that of someone in the parent’s household.
  16. Any other factors that may be applicable to the situation.

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