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Compassionate, Firm Child Support Litigators

At Junker Shotto LLC, we take a special interest in using our decades of experience in family law to help our clients’ children. Kids whose parents are going through a divorce or a child custody dispute are going through a life-changing event. We work hard to minimize the disruption to their lives by making sure the custodial parent receives fair and accurate financial support.

The Reality Of Calculating Child Support

Many parents have heard that Pennsylvania law has specific guidelines that calculate how much child support must be paid. That is true, but to reach the rightful level of payment, it is necessary to have the correct numbers, such as each parent’s gross income, how much they pay in taxes, other sources of wealth and so on.

Having one of our family law attorneys representing you can help you avoid mistakes and ensure that your children are getting the financial assistance they deserve for everyday expenses, daycare, education, and other costs. With over 35 years of combined experience, our dedicated attorneys are proud to help families throughout northeastern Pennsylvania seek child support arrangements that are fair and equitable.

Standing By Your Side As A Payor

This works both ways. Noncustodial parents should not be forced to pay more than they can afford because they did not include all eligible deductions at the conciliation conference. We tell our clients what documentation they need to bring us so we can keep the child support payments reasonable and within legal guidelines.

Our clients trust us to deliver a positive decision. We do not take their trust for granted. Every day we work hard to redeem the faith our clients put in our judgment and courtroom experience. We are passionate about keeping our clients’ children safe, secure and financially stable.

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Call our office in Kingston today at 570-283-2775. We offer free initial telephone and virtual consultations on all child support matters. You may also contact us online. Let one of our lawyers explain how our unique approach to legal fees can save you significantly in the long run.