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Going Through A Divorce With Agreed-On Terms (Uncontested)

If you and your husband or wife are preparing to divorce and you both agree on how you will accomplish this, you are far ahead in the game. After all, divorce is not about revenge or punishment by either spouse of the other. It is about moving on with your lives in your mutual best interests.

At the family law firm of Junker Shotto LLC, in Kingston, we fully respect people’s ability to make important decisions about their own lives. We never urge our Pennsylvania clients to raise unnecessary problems while on the path to divorce.

Agreeing To Agree

Unfortunately, many couples waste time and money arguing about assets or minor details of co-parenting. Differences can often be resolved through a more practical, realistic and cooperative approach. In your case, you and your spouse may believe that you both understand the fairest and best way to:

  • Divide your assets, including your home, cars, bank accounts and personal property like furniture, tools and collectibles
  • Account for financial difficulties of a spouse who has been financially dependent through alimony or other means
  • Divide retirement accounts and other assets
  • Reallocate assets such as family cabins, pets and other shared possessions that can be difficult for many couples to divide

At the law offices of Junker Shotto LLC, we take the time to make sure that clients understand the consequences of their settlement agreements. We also advise clients as to whether a family law judge is likely to approve of their decisions. Sometimes, we help clients fine-tune their agreement to maximize the likelihood that a family law court will accept it.

Streamline Your Divorce, Focused On Your Goals

If you agree on all terms, you can likely go through an uncontested divorce affordably and efficiently. However, if sticky points get in the way, you will need legal counsel and representation for a contested divorce. When you work with an experienced family law attorney at Junker Shotto LLC, you can expect clear communication, plain-English explanations and a smooth way forward toward your goals.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, the attorneys at our law firm have a track record of successfully helping clients navigate an uncontested divorce. If your uncontested divorce unexpectedly becomes contested, we will help you stay focused on getting where you need to be with as little pain as possible. To discuss your hopes and options, call 570-283-2775 or email us. We also offer free virtual consultations.