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Spousal Support Representation

The law in Pennsylvania recognizes that a married person may be entitled to financial support once a separation occurs if they are unable to make ends meet on their own. However, a disagreement over spousal support can make things tense in a divorce or separation.

At Junker Shotto LLC, we help our clients reach a fair and sustainable level of spousal support. With more than 35 years of combined experience in family law, our founding attorneys have extensive experience calculating support awards. Our clients will not have to accept inadequate support — or be forced to pay more alimony than they can afford.

Who Qualifies For Alimony In Pennsylvania?

Alimony exists for situations where one spouse earned all or most of the household income. If cut off from that income, the other spouse would struggle to pay for basic necessities. Often, the spouse who did not work outside the home has little work experience or training. Starting a new career could take years, especially if he or she needs to go to school.

The level of support a spouse is entitled to depends on a number of factors. We will carefully examine the circumstances, such as the length of the marriage and household income during that time, to determine the fair payment level under the law. Depending on the client’s ultimate goals, this may give our client leverage for things like the family home. Our purpose is to defend our client’s financial security long-term.

Spousal Support And Marital Separation

Many people do not realize that spousal support is not just available for divorcing people. The law recognizes temporary alimony for people who are separated from their spouses. We help our clients secure a fair level of alimony while they decide if a divorce is right for them and their family.

Wondering How Alimony Will Affect Your Divorce?

If you are considering divorce or your spouse has already filed, call Junker Shotto LLC in Kingston at 570-283-2775 for a free telephonic or virtual case evaluation with one of our lawyers. We will discuss how alimony works and how it could affect your divorce. We can also be reached via our online intake form.